Episode 16, Series 3

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists #1

We begin by discussing an article which makes the incredible claim that Zwingli was the father of the Baptists. How so? Because of the audacious claim that Baptists believe in the Spiritual Presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper. They do not, but this leads us into a discussion on Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, Spiritual Presence, And Commemorative. These are the primary “views” on the Lord’s Supper. But if we look into Scripture, there is only one right, plain, and obvious understanding of the Supper. Next, we’ll see that Zwingli didn’t care for Baptists and actively sought to Banish and murder them, and Zwingli was acting in character with the other Protestants and Catholics as well.
We’ll begin our new reading in light of this history, as we read G.H. Orchard, A History of Foreign Baptists, and after reviewing a few short quotes we’ll discuss the proper view of Baptist history as best described as Perpetuity.

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