Episode 23, Series 3

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists #8

In our introduction today, we’ll discuss who is the Day Star and Morning Star? What is the significance of such a title? Having learned that Jesus is the Day or Morning Star, we’ll discover that many new and old translations blasphemously apply the titles of God onto Satan in an erroneous translation of Isaiah 14:12, and discover the source of their error: Interpreting Scriptural concepts by Pagan views and beliefs. Truly, not a good source!

We’ll cover some very interesting history in our reading today as we press along and find the continuance of persecution for different reasons. In fact, we’ll discover how Augustine (of Hippo) felt about religious persecution. And we’ll discover, were the Baptists of old “Augustinian” in their theology? In other words, were early Baptists Calvinist? Clearly, the question is anachronistic, but the concepts of Calvinism were not new to Calvin. Thus, did old Baptists hold them? We’ll ferret out this answer in our Analysis.

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