Episode 50, Series 4

Ecclesia #3

In our introduction today, we’ll provide some insight on a regularly misunderstood passage of the New Testament, commonly known as the Wheat and Tares Parable. What is being spoken of in this passage and how does that help our understanding of Church and Kingdom? Moreover, we’ll discuss the great trouble often reaped by misinterpretation. We’ll also biblically deal with the concept of Replacement Theology. What is the Scriptural view? Who are Christians?

In our reading, we’ll cover some discussion on the usage of Ekklesia in the Greek Old Testament and find that it always refers to an actual gathering, never a large, ubiquitous group. We’ll also go on with an excellent Question and Answer time with Dr. Carroll and his students.

In our analysis, we’ll question whether God uses language inaccurately and which Church did Saul persecute?

B. H. Carroll’s Notes on Ekklesia Usage in The New Testament, the Septuagint, and other literature: http://bibleinvestigator.com/b-h-carroll-ecclesia-appendix-on-usage/

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