Episode 19, Series 3

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists #4

In our introduction today we’ll gain the Biblical understanding of what it means to be born of water and spirit (as John 3:5 speaks of) and the impact of the broader context of scripture as it brings light upon the subject, and what that understanding renders to our understanding of John chapter 3.
As we get to our reading, we’ll find the flaws and features of the Second Century and get the hint of our next subject: those that stayed with the Scriptural order. In our analysis, we’ll also take notice of how the history of the second and third century has an interesting application to a movement in our modern times and “Satellite Churches.”

CORRECTION: during the introduction, the misreading occurs: “In regeneration, or the “new birth,” there must be a ceasing from sin as well as a renewing of the heart to hate sin.” However, it should have been read, “there must be a cleansing from sin”.

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