Episode 11, Series 2,

The Christian Sabbath – #5

In this episode, we’ll briefly discuss the Handmaid’s Tale and its atrocious picture of alleged Christianity. History reveals that this is nothing new, as true Christianity has often been slanderously and inappropriately assailed with fallacious accusations. Next, we’ll seek a biblical understanding of how true Christianity is classified. We must have a response to the world, but what should it be?
As we go on to our reading, we’ll discover the Sabbath as the remedy for the moral evils of society and its subsequent promotion of Christianity in the furtherance of the Gospel.
As we come to our analysis, we’ll have a brief review of the evidence thus far given, and go on to catalogue the outcome of what the Sabbath would do for a nation and give Biblical and Historical testimony to validate the claims. Finally, we’ll leave with a note on what will follow next week as a topic for reading.

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