Episode 15, Series 2

The Christian Sabbath #9

In our Podcast, we’ll start by reviewing the interesting history surrounding and proceding the First Nicaean Council and the eventual slide of the Empire and the Catholic Church into Arianism. We’ll discuss the fact that essential to Biblical concepts are Biblical foundations, not philosophical terms.
As we get to our final reading in the Christian Sabbath, we’ll discover the need of the Sabbath to maintain a good and healthy society, with special focus on the spiritual aspect of our beings.
In our closing discussion we’ll discuss the nature of the importance of “early church writings” sometimes (wrongly) called the writings of the “fathers.” And we’ll close by hearing from a voice of the past, a circular letter from a Baptist brother, encouraging us to keep holy the Sabbath day. A careful listener will notice just how often the same themes and admonitions occur.

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