How wonderful and how important the book before you is! The subject of the Christian Sabbath, should cause the student of the Bible who refuses to accept the traditional answers, and prefers to have the straight truth of Scripture and the incredible testimony of history, to rejoice in the wondrous work of God in the New Creation which we are made in Jesus Christ! Moreover, as with the completion of the old creation of the world at the beginning, there was the institution of the day of rest for all mankind, now that Christ had completed the great work of redemption, and thus the new creation, as it were, we have the new day of rest! And how compatible with our Biblical understanding of the seventh day in the book of Genesis. Jesus rose on the first day of the week, His work being completed, and thus established the day as a perpetual Lord’s Day, the Christian Sabbath. Josiah Tustin reveals to us these facts in a detailed and wonderful account. How important is such a work as this for our world today.  We must reclaim and realize what only the latter half of the 20th century to the present would prefer us to forget, our duty to not forget the Sabbath Day, and so to keep it holy. It is so with the only Sabbath that there is: The Christian Sabbath, the first day of every week (our “Sunday”).
Because many readers may be unfamiliar with some of the details which Mr. Tustin provides, I have added to this original work an “Added Appendix 1” that has a lengthy quote from James A. Wylie’s extensive book on the History of the Papacy (No longer under copyright, but should be fairly credited to the original author, Mr. Wylie.). This has been included to illuminate a fascinating subject of violation of the Sabbath. I believe this added information is especially relevant for us today. For those who believe that there is a visible moral decline in America, it should be realized how essential is the Christian Sabbath to the system of Christian morality that was once so evident throughout the States of America. For further reading on this subject, after the current book before you by Mr. Tustin, please read also: The Sabbath Manual by Justin Edwards for a great and wonderful wealth of information.
Finally and most importantly, I have chosen to add a final appendix (“Added Appendix 2”) to the related subject. A sermon by B.H. Carroll, who should need no introduction (It is found in and originally taken from Sermons and Life Sketch of B.H. Carroll, compiled by J.B. Cranfill.). It deserves to be a book by itself for its wealth of information and its studious learning. It comes last in this book. If you choose to skip anything in this short book, do not skip this last Appendix!
-Joel Sathe

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