This book has been a joy and education to both read and then prepare for Kindle. Anyone who has had the opportunity to read from the pen of Willis Aslem Jarrel knows the wealth of information and learning which he provides to his readers. The present book is certainly of this caliber, and how needed this small volume is. A true apologetic, but not in the sense of making excuses. Here we find the true and unvarnished understanding of a student of the Bible that has not mixed his truth with error. We have often heard the accusation of Israelite genocide of Canaan, or that God truly must be cruel, etc. This book offers up the soundest of reasons and the most fascinating digest of information. Moreover, his presentation of alternative worldviews rounds out this discussion into a whole that leaves one a better educated and more aware Christian. If you have heard the call to always be ready to give a defense for the hope that is within you, then you should be duty bound to read this book by W.A. Jarrel.
-Joel Sathe

The subject of this volume — Old Testament Ethics — in the field of apologetics, has been almost wholly ignored or neglected. … While, in the study of Old Testament Ethics, we must keep before us the fact, that it is germinal and preparatory to New Testament Ethics, and, therefore, accommodated to its age, like the New is accommodated to our age, we must firmly maintain, from first to last, that its Ethics are as pure as the New, as spotless as the throne of God.
This volume is not intended to be an exhaustive treatment of Old Testament Ethics. Yet it is believed that it will give such a comprehensive view of the subject, that the reader who masters it will have a more than common knowledge of Old Testament Ethics. The work is designed to be all that is necessary to enable even the unlearned, in his own mind, to reply to such ethical objections to the Old Testament as are presented by the ablest infidels. At the same time, the work can but give a clearer and more appreciative view of the New Testament.
-W.A. Jarrel

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