Episode 37, Series 3

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists #22

A slight review of Michael J. Oard’s book: Frozen in Time. An excellent book which covers some fascinating bits of information related to the Ice Age which came at the end of the Flood. Some information from the book and its evidentiary topic: Wooly Mammoth’s. Next in our introduction, we’ll discuss an old topic recently reintroduced to the News as this week the Episcopal Church is apparently reviewing their “Common Book of Prayer” to have more non-Gender specific references to God. We’ll discuss this topic (covered previously in Episode 6) with some of the recent quotes found in the Washington Post article. We’ll also cover some comments made in an Article by One News Now, entitled: “God is a good, good…mother? Really?”

We’ll cover more of the Crusade against the French Albigensians, and carry through to our analysis, where we’ll touch on one subject: Perpetuity, not Reformation as the source of true “New Testament” Christianity.

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