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    good proxy Nonetheless, in order to go to some other remote sites, the usage of a proxy server can be very valuable. Additionally, if your pc can be redirected through a proxy server, you can be sure that even those websites which may be blocked on your own computer will be able to be accessed. By way of example, if your pc is quite slow to load websites like e-mail servers, you can be sure that you will be able to make those sites work just too through using a proxy server.The key issue to keep in mind is that using a proxy server doesn’t stop you from accessing websites that are officially blocked. This is true because the proxy server is just allowing access to certain websites. Thus, you should always confirm the sites that you need to see are indeed working through a proxy.If you have been doing business online with somebody, for instance, and they’ve set their mail accounts and online banking accounts via a service such as AOL, then you might be fearful that if your account gets into trouble, then they will have access to a personal mail and other sensitive information. While using a proxy may be a helpful way to avoid the issue, a proxy server isn’t a guarantee that all security problems will be taken care of. In fact, there are times when hackers have the ability to deceive consumers into giving them exactly what they need by tricking them into thinking they’re using a free proxy host.

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