The important subject of history as it relates to Christianity is too often overlooked by many individuals. Certainly, the plumbing of history should not equate to the development of traditions, or even doctrines. We have all the traditions, doctrines, and theological understanding one could possibly ask for in the Word of God, The Bible. There is nowhere else for our edification in this manner. However, this does not discount the contribution that the study of history can provide in the strengthening of our Faith. If it is true that God’s word abides forever, if it is true that Jesus is with us always even unto the end of the age, and if it is true that the gates of Hell will not prevail over God’s true Churches, then we should expect history to be a vindication and a testimony to these promises and proclamations. And truly, as we find the right cords and strands of history, we find this to be the case. As in a building, not every hallway will lead us to an exit, our room, or whatever our destination may be—in other words, we must endeavor to seek out the right area or avenue—so it is with history. Not every group of churches under whatever nomenclature will always be that standing testimony of God’s abiding word, presence, or power against the gates of Hell. Indeed, much history is the record of various Churches or groups of Churches intentionally going over to Hell, rather than Hell having to reach out. When we view, not merely the deductions of historians, but the records of history, what we find is that there were—and are—Churches which have remained faithful each successively and perpetually in their areas and ages to the high calling of God in Jesus Christ. This book is an aid to understanding this good history.
In this series of often quoted lectures, the reader will learn not only the general subject of Baptist History and the events within the realms of records. These well-rounded and incredibly educational readings provide the reader with an understanding of Baptist Theology grounded not in the modern movements of academics, but Biblically Baptist beliefs from the beginning.
The opportunity to bring this book into the Kindle medium brings this information into a timeless existence worthy of its content, which is witty, insightful, and enjoyable to read. Rather than speaking with the tone of high-handed academia, the reader will be drawn in to the flow of the discussion.
Such a book, and such content as this, is quite important for Christians today. In our modern world of the Hegelian Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, then Thesis. Done over and again ad infinitum. Theology, doctrine, and the facts of history should not be subject to this process, though they so often have been wrongly thrust into the fray that attempts reduces all truth to realms of inabsolutism.
If you want to push beyond the modernly simplistic egalitarianism that sacrifices truth for good feeling, then you are invited to read this excellent book and begin or continue a journey on the path of truth.

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