It is not uncommon to hear what amounts to be an argument for the Divine Right of Kings–an argument, we should say, that has long been dethroned! How odd then to find it reared up in new fashion. How common it is: “You’ve got to do whatever Government tells you to do; you’ve read Romans 13, haven’t you! A good Christian will be obedient to Government!”
Of course, any thinking person would immediately begin to halt and consider: “What about when the apostles resisted the orders issued by legitimate ruling authorities to discontinue preaching and proclaiming Jesus?” Speaking of Jesus, what about that time Herod, a legitimate authority, wanted to execute Him? Jesus was informed of this fact. One should wonder how, if we follow the modern interpretation of Romans 13 (that we should subject ourselves to whatever our Governments tell us), Jesus not only disrespected that ruling authority, but also ignored him! “Go and tell that fox, today and tomorrow I will cast out demons and finish curing, and then, on the third day, I will be finished.” It is of no use to say that Jesus had special exception. Jesus is our example. Any true Christian will say this. Thus to say that there are some things which Jesus says an does were right for Him, but not right for us, is an affair with relativism. We must, therefore, rightly understand the Biblical perspective on the concept of Government.
Indeed, we could cite person after person both in the Old and New Testament which resisted earthly authority and had the blessing of God, and many times they resisted earthly authority by the command of God. How much do we have the command of God!
In our day of man-made “morals” and licentious “laws”, we are under as much a truly moral mandate from God to resist, not by mere passivity, but by standing up and speaking out.
The object of this book, by James M. Willson (who is a Presbyterian), is to disclose the proper understanding of Romans chapter 13, verses 1 through 7. In this, he has done an outstanding job. For its conciseness, clarity, and concept, it has no rival on the field. If you want to know, not what the latest Divine-Right argument has to say about Government, but rather what does God say about His very creation, then read on–for in the pages which follow, you will be illuminated with proper and righteous understanding of this very thing.
-Joel Sathe

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