Episode 31, Series 3

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists #16

Last week, we read that there are those who allege that the Paulicians worked with the Islamic Saracens to attack Grecian states. Moreover, that these Paulicians were happily embraced by these Muslims. The old allegation is meant to make us think twice about the Paulicians. But is it possible? What does History teach us? A few weeks ago, we saw that Islam certainly doesn’t teach coexistence. This week we ask the question: Does Islam practice Coexistence? In this interesting episode, we’ll cover the subject regarding specific instances of history, which will show us the facts of the matter. Moreover, we will do this in viewing not just an instance of two or three mixed groups here and there, but throughout time and in nations, etc. In our own time, this is especially necessary, because without understanding the past, we will most certainly make mistakes in this instance where we are faced with large influxes of Muslim “immigrants.”

We’ll read on in excellent passages of history and find some incredible facts regarding a practice in the Catholic Church that is not new.

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