Episode 27, Series 3

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists #12

We’ll review Acts 2:38, Peter’s exhortation to the convicted. The King James Translation makes this sound like one must be baptized in order to be forgiven, or saved. Is this true? Is this an example of Theology influencing translation? How should we rightly understand the original words that God gave?

As we read, we’ll cover the period of history where, in the East, God’s churches existed from the very beginning, even in the face of the corruption of the hierarchies of the Eastern “Church”.

We’ll also run across some truly interesting statements that we’ll discuss in our Analysis. We’ll discuss Baptist Covenantal Theology, the historic, most consistent, and Biblical position on the Covenants of the Bible. Finally, we’ll notice the corruption of conventions, and how we should thus be wary of church conventions today (If we are part of a convention, then we should at least be very vigilant to maintain it from its natural and expected tendency to theological and doctrinal degradation).

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Correction: at the beginning, it is incorrectly stated “This is episode 26” when this is actually episode 27.


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